National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine

«Condition of winter crops in the Kharkivska Oblast at the beginning of spring field work in 2021»

Researchers of the Laboratory of Wheat Breeding and Physiology, the Department of Plant Production and Variety Investigations, the Laboratory of Cereals of the NCRGRU, the Laboratory of Winter Rye Breeding and Genetics attended the seminar.

Basing on the results of the survey of the regrown monoliths and information on the sugar content in the tillering nodes at the end of winter, the participants of the seminar came to the conclusion that at the day being the winter cereals were mostly in satisfactory or in good condition, but since plants are weakened, and their post-autumn development is insufficient, special attention should be paid to the timely application of nitrogen fertilizers. In the first place, nitrogen fertilizer should be spread at a dose of 40-50 kg of active substance/ha in underdeveloped and thinned fields to improve plant regeneration, root system development, tillering shoots and faster leaf growth. In order to obtain consistently high yields on the regional farms, it is recommended to grow predominantly varieties adapted to the conditions of the region and to expand winter rye plantings.

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