National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine

Field Day “Control Threshing of Spiked Cereals Harvested in 2021”

On July 20, 2021, a leading researcher of the Laboratory of Wheat Breeding and Physiology, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences Zoia Vasylivna Usova participated in the Field Day “Control Threshing of Spiked Cereals Harvested in 2021”, which took place at the demonstration and technological ring of the Institute of Agriculture of the Northeast of NAAS (at km 292 of National Highway H07 “Kyiv-Sumy-Yunakivka”).

Over 200 varieties of winter and spring spiked cereals of the leading breeding institutions of Ukraine were presented at the ring, including 97 winter wheat varieties, 11 winter rye varieties, 15 winter barley varieties, 2 winter triticale varieties, 30 spring barley varieties, 14 spring bread wheat varieties, 6 spring pasta wheat varieties, and 3 spring triticale varieties.

Z.V. Usova presented the latest winter wheat varieties bred at the Plant Production Institute named after V.Ya. Yuriev (Metelythia Kharkivska, Haiok, Prynada, Vyhadka, Dyvo, Zdobna, Zapashna, Pryvitna, Krasa Laniv, Harmonika, and Patriotka) to the participants of the Field Day and provided information on their characteristics and cultivation technology peculiarities.

The control threshing at the demonstration ring showed that in 2021 the winter wheat varieties gave yields as follows: Zdobna - 6.29 t/ha, Harmonika - 6.49 t/ha, Haiok - 5.21 t/ha, Vyhadka - 5.28 t/ha, Prynada - 5.12 t/ha. Such good results help heighten agricultural producers’ interest in purchasing seeds for growing on their farms.