National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine

Laboratory of Introduction and Preservation of Plant Genetic Resources

History of the unit:

Collection of domestic gene pool accessions, introduction of foreign accessions and formation of plant genetic diversity collections has begun at Kharkiv Breeding Station since its foundation in 1908. In different periods, VYa Yuriev, OF Helmer, W.M. Rabinovych, LM Delaunay, and others enriched agricultural crop collections. The Station received numerous and valuable accessions of gene pool for its collections in 1925-1936. This was period of the work of the Ukrainian branch organized by MM Kuleshov on MI Vavilov’s initiative near Kharkiv. Later the Branch was reorganized into the Ukrainian research station of the All-Union Institute of Applied Botany and New Crops (now the MI Vavilov All-Russian Research Institute of Plant Genetic Resources). The activities of the Ukrainian Institute of Applied Botany under the leadership of O.A. Yanata contributed to enrichment of collections. The Institute’s breeders V.O. Kozubenko, V.I. Didus, P.V. Kuchumov, P.V. Shulyndin, V.P. Pakhomova, B.P. Guriev, S.I. Konstantynov, V.S. Golik, V.T. Manzyuk, P.M. Chekryhin and others made great contributions to collections. In 1957, in the Ukrainian Research Institute of Plant Production, Breeding and Genetics of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR, the Laboratory of Plant Resources was founded, in which S.V. Rabinovych, I.A. Gurieva, G.А. Korolyova and others guided by L.M. Delone actively and fruitfully introduced plants.

In 1992, after the organization of the National Center for Plant Genetic Resources of Ukraine, the Laboratory for Introduction and Storage of Plant Genetic Resources was established as the Center’s unit. Since then, the Plant Gene Pool Information System has been developed and put into operation. In 1995, the National Repository of Plant Gene Pool Specimens started functioning.

Employees of the unit:
Areas of work:

Research avenues

  • Enrichment of the collections of the National Plant Gene Bank of Ukraine with new domestic and foreign sources of valuable economic and biological features, including breeding varieties and forms, landraces, wild relatives of domestic plants;
  • Quarantine tests and primary studies of gene pool accessions introduced from abroad;
  • Inventory of the collections of the National Plant Gene Bank of Ukraine and their management based on the Plant Gene Pool Information System;
  • Registration of valuable collections and accessions of plant gene pool in Ukraine;
  • Long-term storage of viable seeds of plant gene pool accessions in the National Repository;
  • Provision of breeding, research and educational institutions and other users with plant gene pool specimens;
  • Formation and maintenance of a collection of genetic resources of underutilized wheat species, its wild relatives and amphidiploids;
  • Formation and maintenance of a collection of genetic resources of corn.



Basic scientific developments:

Main scientific results

  • The concept of formation and maintenance of the National Plant Gene Bank of Ukraine has been developed and implemented. The bank is maintained by 28 institutions and includes 151,300 accessions belonging to 1,802 plant species.
  • Annually 2,000-2,500 new domestic and foreign accessions of the gene pool of agricultural crops are included. Thirty-one missions, including 15 international ones, have collected local accessions; about 8,100 specimens belonging to 200 species of different groups have been collected and transferred for studying and breeding.
  • The Plant Gene Pool Information System has been created, its passport database is harmonized with international standards and includes information on 108,700 specimens. Databases of valuable collections and accessions of the plant gene pool for registration in Ukraine have been created. The European Search Catalogue for Plant Genetic Resources, EURISCO, includes information on 107,000 specimens of the National Plant Gene Bank of Ukraine. Website:
  • "Regulations on Registration of Plant Gene Pool Specimens with the National Center for Plant Genetic Resources of Ukraine" and "Regulations on Registration of Plant Gene Pool Collections with the National Center for Plant Genetic Resources of Ukraine" have been developed and approved. Based on them, 300 collections and 2,196 specimens of the plant gene pool were examined and registered. These specimens and collections received certificates of authorship and priority.
  • The National Repository of Plant Specimens of the Gene Pool of Ukraine has been established. 74,400 gene pool accessions belonging to 739 species of domestic plants and wild related forms were put there for long-term storage. A method for increasing the viability of agricultural crop seeds by freezing has been developed. Differences in the resistance of seeds to storage depending on the crop and variety characteristics have been reported.
  • Collections have been built up, evaluated for valuable economic characteristics, maintained alive and provided for practical use. They are a collection of underutilized wheat species (623 accessions), a collection of wild wheat relatives belonging to the genera Aegilops L. and Dasypyrum L. (258 accessions), a collection of wheat amphiploids with various genomic structure (101 accessions), a corn collection (6,691 accessions from 40 countries, including 1,149 breeding varieties and landraces, 4,849 breeding lines, 477 genetic lines, and 216 synthetic populations).  
  • The State Standard of Ukraine DSTU 7066.2009 "Genetic Resources of Plants. Terms and Definitions" has been developed and put into effect.
  • A methodology for compiling educational collections has been developed. Over 60 collections have been registered and implemented in curriculums.
  • The training course program "Plant Genetic Resources" has been developed and put into effect. It has been used in Ukrainian universities since 2006.
  • Since 2013, the advanced training course in "Formation, Maintenance and Effective Use of Plant Genetic Resources Collections” has been held.
  • The scientific journal Genetičnì Resursi Roslin (Plant Genetic Resources) is published.
  • Eight scientific innovations have been patented.
  • A team of authors, including the Laboratory’s staffers, have been awarded diplomas of the Laureates of the State Prize of Ukraine in science and technology for the scientific work "Development of Scientific Principles and Formation of the Bank of Genetic Resources of Field Crops of Ukraine" (Decree No 675/2014 of the President of Ukraine dated 23/08/2014).

Suggestions for scientific support

  • Register valuable accessions of the plant gene pool with the NCPGRU with the issuance of a certificate of scientific priority and authorship;
  • Register core, trait, genetic, educational and other collections with the NCPGRU;
  • Organize specific missions to collect accessions of the plant genetic diversity;
  • Acquire sources and donors of valuable economic characteristics from the Center for use in breeding, research, training and other programs;
  • Purchase reference accessions with identifying and economic traits from the Center;
  • Acquire the NCPGRU-made seed trait collections of the genetic diversity of different crops;
  • Put seeds of lines, varieties and forms of agricultural crops for long-term storage in the National Repository;
  • Store seeds of plant species included in the Red Book of Ukraine;
  • We can determine water content and viability (germination energy, germinability, germinative power) of seeds;
  • Excursions to the National Repository of Plant Specimens of the Gene Pool;
  • To conduct joint research programs, all-round studies of the plant genetic diversity and improvement of long-term storage of plant seeds;
  • Use monographs, tutorials, methodological guidelines, trait classifiers, catalogs of gene pool accessions, and scientific publications in Genetičnì Resursi Roslin (Plant Genetic Resources) and other editions in breeding, research and education;
  • Publish scientific articles in Genetičnì Resursi Roslin (Plant Genetic Resources).



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Contacts of the department:

Ukraine, 61060, Kharkiv, Moskovsky Ave., 142


+38 0992473003