National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine

Laboratory of Genetics, Biotechnology and Quality

History of the unit:

The Laboratory of Genetics, Biotechnology and Quality was established in 2017 by merging two structural units - the Laboratory of Genetics and Biotechnology and the Laboratory of Grain Quality. In turn, the Laboratory of Genetics and Biotechnology was organized by merging the Laboratory of Genetics and Physiology and the Laboratory of Plant Biotechnology in 2006.

Genetic studies as an integral part of breeding dates back to the foundation of Kharkiv Breeding Station in 1910. In different periods, representatives of the Kharkiv genetic school, famous scientists VYa Yuriev, MM Kuleshov, IM Polyakov, LM Delone, VYe Kozubenko, VT Manzyuk, BP Guriev, VV Kyrychenko, PP Litun, and SM Tymchuk made significant contributions to the genetics development.

The Laboratory of Genetic Basics of Breeding was established as an independent scientific subdivision in 1979 on the basis of the Field Research Laboratory existing since the early 70s. Over 20 years, the main research avenues of the Laboratory were the development the theory of genetic breeding experiments and breeding technologies guided by PP Litun as well as information support of genetic breeding experiments. Significant achievements were made in biochemical genetics under the leadership of SM Timchuk. In particular, models of genetic regulation of protein, carbohydrate and lipid complexes in corn, fatty acid composition of sunflower oil were developed. For the first time in Ukraine and the CIS, technical corn hybrids with amylase-containing and amylose-free starch as well as supersugar corn hybrids were created.

The Laboratory of Biotechnology was founded in 1991. This laboratory originates from the Haploidy Group, which was a part of the Laboratory of Barley Breeding, and since 1981 it has investigated remote hybridization of barley and haploid production using haploproducers via embryo culture in vitro under the leadership of L.M. Naumov. In different periods, the Laboratory was headed by YeV Krupnova, VM Cherednychenko, VM Popov, and OA Zadorozhna. Since 2016, the Laboratory has been headed by OV Bilynska.

In 2006−2017, the main scientific avenues of the Laboratory of Biotechnology were in experimental haploidy of barley and sunflower, cellular selection for resistance of barley and pea to diseases, physiological mechanisms of resistance of sunflower to broomrape, creation of starting material of sunflower with altered composition of tocopherols, determination of antioxidant activity in seeds, selection of sunflower genotypes using morphological, biochemical and molecular genetic markers. Based on studies of the main factors of experimental androgenesis in vitro, the first domestic technology for obtaining barley haploids in pollen culture in vitro was developed, and its innovative elements are protected by seven patents of Ukraine. For the first time in Ukraine and the CIS, androgenic lines of doubled haploids were created and introduced into breeding.

The Laboratory of Grain Quality was based on a flour-milling and baking laboratory founded in 1934 by M.Y. Melnyk on the initiative of VYa Yuriev. In the first period, scientists were mainly focused on evaluating milling and bread-making parameters of landraces and newly created varieties of wheat, studying peculiarities of the formation of high-quality grain depending on tillage technologies and mineral nutrition. Further studies were was aimed at technological and biochemical characteristics of grain, genetic basis of quality indicators in different crops,  fraction compositions of major biochemical compounds in grain and seeds (proteins, lipids, carbohydrates), use storage proteins as molecular markers of quality traits.

Since 2017, the Laboratory of Grain Quality has been functioning as a part of a joint unit - the Laboratory of Genetics, Biotechnology and Quality. The main current research avenues are  the quality of major agricultural crops (protein and gluten contents and quality, oil content and its fatty acid composition, content and fraction composition of starch, vitamins in grain legumes, cereals and oil crops), remote hybridization to expand the genetic diversity and the creation of starting material of winter and spring wheat, as well as of starting material of cereals and groats crops with altered composition of starch. The bread-making and pasta qualities both of modern varieties and of collection accessions of winter and spring wheat, triticale, rye, and emmer are fully evaluated.

In addition to theoretical and methodological studies, the Laboratory performs routine analyses to determine the quality of all the crops bred at the Institute. It also performs commercial analyses under contracts for research institutions, agrarian enterprises of different forms of ownership and farms.

The Laboratory maintains scientific contacts with the Plant Breeding and Genetics Institute - National Center of Seed and Cultivar Investigation of NAAS, VN Karazin Kharkiv National University, VV Dokuchaev Kharkiv National University, Kharkiv State University of Food and Trade, Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture, Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry and Petrochemistry of NASU, Kharkiv National University of Pharmacy, H.S. Skovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University , NTU "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute", and Poltava State Agrarian Academy. The staff of the Laboratory conducts excursions for students, guides course and diploma projects, and provides training for teachers of specialized chairs in order to improve their skills in modern plant biotechnology.

The staff of the Laboratory took part in international cooperation. In particular, in 2008 S. Didenko with a team of researchers won an IAEA grant for a 2008-2012 study in waxy crops. They completed the project "Improvement of the Quality of Wheat and Corn Grain through Induced Mutagenesis."

Employees of the unit:
  • Head of the laboratory
    Head of the laboratory

    Bilynska Olena Volodymyrivna, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Senior Researcher

  • The Laboratory’s staffers
    The Laboratory’s staffers

Areas of work:

Comprehensive studies of genetic and physiological factors of androgenesis in vitro and improvement of the technology for mass production of double haploids of spring barley. Experimental justification of expediency of the haploid technology for creation of doubled haploid lines within some breeding programs. Creation of DN systems - populations of recombinant double haploid lines for genetic and molecular genetic research in special genetics of barley and development of marker-associated selection approaches. Improving the method for obtaining matroclinous lines of double haploids of corn.

Assessment of biochemical and technological characteristics of the quality of accessions of cereals, grain legumes, groats crops and oil crops bred at the Plant Production Institute named V.Ya. Yuriev (material preparation requirements). Detection of sources and donors of grain quality in the genetic diversity of cereals, grain legumes, and groats crops. Formation of trait collections of agricultural crops by valuable economic features, which will reflect the diversity of the crops by these features. Creation of winter and spring wheat lines with introgressions from related species (T. durum, T. dicoccum) as new starting material with extended hereditary variability in technological and biochemical indicators of the grain quality.

Identification of sunflower lines - pollen fertility restorers, which combine altered contents of tocopherol isomers with several valuable economic characteristics. The selected sunflower lines will be noticeable for increased contents of β, γ, δ and the total tocopherol content, resistance to downy mildew, increased oil content, high yield and adaptability to growing conditions in the eastern forest-steppe. Involvement of these lines in sunflower breeding for improved quality. Determination of oil content and antioxidant activity in seeds of different crops.

Testing of new domestic gametocides for chemical emasculation of sunflower. Development of laboratory tests to determine the physiological activity of gametocides.


Basic scientific developments:

Main scientific achievments of the Laboratory of Genetics, Biotechnology and Quality (2010-2020)

  • Method for selection of introgressive wheat genotypes by electrophoresis of storage proteins in polyacrylamide gel (Методика добору інтрогресивних генотипів пшениці за допомогою електрофорезу запасних білків у поліакриламідному гелі; підгот. : С. Ю. Діденко, З. В. Усова, Л. П. Копитіна, Р. Л. Богуславський, О. В. Голік, Т. В. Сахно, Л. І. Буряк, Т. М. Дворніченко, Т. А. Шелякіна, Н. К. Ільченко, О. О. Посилаєва, О. М. Росанкевич / НААН, Ін-т рослинництва ім. В. Я. Юр’єва НААН.  Х., 2015.  23 c.).
  • Improved method for determining the content of carotenoid pigments in grain and flour of bread wheat for breeding research. (Вдосконалена методика визначення вмісту каратиноїдних пігментів у зерні та борошні пшениці м’якої для селекційних досліджень. Леонов О.Ю., Усова З.В., Суворова К.Ю., Шелякіна Т.А. Харків, 2020. 15.с.).
  • Patent for invention “Device for extraction of cellular samples of agricultural crops” (Патент на винахід 95000 Україна, МПК С12М, BO2C 18/12. Пристрій для вилучення зразків клітинного матеріалу видів сільськогосподарських культур / Білинська О. В.,Каравашенко О. В., Красніченко О. Л., Макаліш А. М., Аметов Р. А., Сухоруков А. М.; заявник і патентовласник Науково-виробниче об’єднання «Селта» Наукового центру «Інститут механізації та електрифікації сільського господарства НААН. а200911845; Заявл. 19.11.2009; Опубл. 25.06.2011. Бюл. № 12.).
  • Patent for invention “Artificial nutrient medium for obtaining barley haploids in anther pollen in vitro” (Патент на винахід 103426 Україна, А01H 4/00, C12N 5/02 (2006.1). Штучне живильне середовище для отримання гаплоїдів ячменю у культурі пиляків in vitro / Білинська О. В., Тимчук С. М., Деребізова О. Ю.; заявник і патентовласник Інститут рослинництва ім. В.Я. Юр’єва. – a2012 10359; заявл. 03.09.2012.– Опубл. 10.10.2013. Бюл. № 19.).
  • Patent for utility model “A method for increasing the amylose content in corn starch” (Патентна корисну модель 101781 Україна, А01H 1/04(2006.01) Спосіб підвищення вмісту амілози в крохмалі кукурудзи / Тимчук Д. С., Тимчук С. М., Білинська О. В. , Тимчук В. М.; заявник і власник Інститут рослинництва ім. В. Я. Юр’єва. – u2015 04043; заявл. 27.04.2015. – Опубл. 29.09.2015. Бюл. № 18.).
  • Patent for invention “A method of pretreatment of plant material to obtain spring barley haploids in anther culture in vitro” (Патент на винахід 113261 Україна, А01H 4/00, C12N 5/02 (2006.1). Спосіб попередньої обробки рослинного матеріалу для отримання гаплоїдів ячменю ярого у культурі пиляків in vitro / Білинська О. В.;  заявник і власник Інститут рослинництва ім. В. Я. Юр’єва. – а 201600611; заявл. 25.01.2016. – Опубл. 26.12.2016. Бюл. № 12.).
  • Patent for the invention “A method of obtaining in vitro culture of immature barley embryos” (Патент на винахідУкраїна118385 , А01H 4/00, C12N 5/02 (2006.1). Спосіб отримання культури in vitro незрілих зародків ячменю / Білинська О. В. заявник і патентовласник Інститут рослинництва ім. В.Я. Юр’єва. a 2017 00177; заявл. 04.01.2017. Опубл. 10.01.2019. Бюл. № 1.).
  • Sunflower lines with altered contents of tocopherol isomers (NCPGRU’s registration certificates 1938−1946).
  • Catalog of inbred sunflower lines with altered contents of tocopherol isomers / NS Kharytonenko, OV Antsyferova, VV Pozdniakov et al. Kharkiv: Plant Production Institute named VYa Yuriev of NAAS, 2019. 12 p. (Каталог інбредних ліній соняшнику зі зміненим вмістом ізомерів токоферолу / Н.С. Харитоненко, О.В. Анциферова, В.В. Поздняков та інші. Харків: Інститут рослинництва ім. В. Я. Юр’єва НААН, 2019. 12 с.)
  • Collection of reference varieties of spring triticale by bread-making qualities, which includes 65 early, mid-ripening and late-ripening varieties and lines.
  • Collection of reference lines of corn by carotenoid pigment content. The collection includes 22 lines of different subspecies belonging to early-ripening, mid-early, mid-ripening, mid-late and late-ripening groups.
  • Corn lines with amylase-free starch developed by mutagenesis (irradiation) and selection, bread wheat lines, durum wheat lines, emmer lines with good grain quality.


Proposals for scientific cooperation and services

 Laboratory of Genetics, Biotechnology and Quality performs commercial analyses under contracts for research institutions, agrarian enterprises of different forms of ownership and farms, and individuals.

The Laboratory has modern laboratory equipment. First of all, it is an Infralum, an infrared spectroscope, designed for quantitative express-analysis of grain and product qualities. It can assess qualitative indicators without preliminary preparation of samples. An NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) analyzer does not require sample preparation either and determins oil content in sunflower seeds and other oilseeds. Gas chromatography is used to determine the fatty acid composition of oil. The tocopherol isomer composition is determined by HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography).

The Laboratory also has a full set of equipment for plant biotechnology, in particular for in vitro cultivation of plant cells, tissues and organs (file 14 link) and PCR.

It is possible to sign contracts and agreements with research institutions for joint investigations and technical cooperation.



Major scientific publications:

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Contacts of the department:

Mob. tel. 068 5660320 Bilynska Olena Volodymyrivna