National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine

Laboratory of Wheat Breeding and Physiology

History of the unit:

   Work with winter wheat at Kharkiv Кesearch Station was started by P.V. Budrin in 1910; after his departure from the Station, it was successfully continued by V.Ya. Yuriev. In 1929, the first winter wheat varieties bred at Kharkiv Research Station (Milturum 120, Yurievka, Erythrospermum 917, Ferugineum 1239) were released. Under V.Ya. Yuriev’s leadership, winter wheat was bred by M.O. Golub, who devoted 50 years of his life to the Station. Another V.Ya. Yuriev’s apprentice and associate, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor Vasyl Ivanovych Didus, who came to the Station in 1935 and headed the winter wheat breeding group in 1938, was the head of this department for over 40 years. Since 1925, along with existing selection methods, hybridization and synthetic breeding (which came in use later) have been used. With the participation and under the guidance of V.I. Didus, breeders created semi-intensive varieties: Lutescens 266, Lutescens 238, Kharkivska 4. In 1969, the first variety with shortened straw, Kharkivska 63, and intensive variety Kharkivska 81 were released. Since 1983, the Department of Winter Wheat breeding had been headed by M.I. Yelnikov, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences. In 1997, the State Prize of Ukraine in science and technology was awarded to the team of scientists headed by Mykola Ivanovych for the development of new methods of creating semi-dwarf varieties of winter bread wheat (Napivkarlyk 3, Kharkivska 11, Kharkivska 90, Kharkivska 92, Kharkivska 96). M.I. Yelnikov is an author of 21 released varieties of winter wheat. Specialists of the Laboratory of Spring Wheat Breeding theoretically rationalized, developed and tested an algorithm of spring wheat breeding, which allows identifying forms with high levels of economically valuable characteristics at all stages of the breeding process. For the first time, an algorithm of spring wheat breeding with due account for the soil and climatic conditions of the Forest-Steppe of Ukraine was developed and tested. The algorythm combines high performance with other features. For the first time, a trend in spring durum wheat breeding was started - a combination of high pasta and bread-making qualities, and such varieties were created. Since 1998, emmer varieties (Triticum dicoccum Schuebl.) have been bred. In 2012, the first variety of this crop in Ukraine was submitted for the state trials. In 2008, the Laboratory integrated a plant physiology team. In this composition, the Laboratory was headed by Candidate of Biological Sciences M.M. Hridin, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences N.I. Riabchun, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences A.F. Zviahin. From 2019, the laboratory combines studies in winter wheat, spring wheat and spring emmer breeding. At present, the Laboratory of Wheat Breeding and Physiology is headed by Doctor of Agricultural Sciences O.Yu. Leonov.

Employees of the unit:
Areas of work:

Research avenues

The research avenues of the Laboratory are the creation of new valuable starting material adapted to the conditions of Ukraine and establishment of inheritance patterns of grain quality traits, such as technological and confectionery properties, protein and carotenoid contents, starch composition, antioxidant activity, genetic diversity expansion, summarization of previously obtained results and obtaining new ones of field and laboratory assessments, creation, on this ground, databases, identification of valuable accessions using molecular markers and individual biochemical features to reliably select lines of working collections and to use them more effectively in breeding.

Creation and submission to qualification examination of high-yielding winter wheat varieties with high winter hardiness; varieties with high resistance to diseases and pests for organic farming; grain varieties with excellent grain quality; varieties adapted to environmental stressors; high carotenoid durum wheat varieties that combining excellent pasta and bread-making indicators; emmer (T. dicoccum Schuebl.) varieties of forest-steppe and steppe ecotypes with easy grain threshing and high dietary value of groats in combination with other valuable economic characteristics.


Basic scientific developments:

Main scientific achievements

  • Bread wheat variety Pryvitna, Patent for plant variety No 160420 dated 30/03/2016. Yelnikov M.I., Zviahin A.F., Iodkovskyi V.Z., Riabchun N.I., Didenko S.Yu., Cherniaieva I.M.
  • Bread wheat variety Zdobna, Patent for plant variety No 160419 dated 30/03/.2016. Yelnikov M.I., Zviahin A.F., Iodkovskyi V.Z., Riabchun N.I., Riabchun V.K., Usova Z.V.
  • Bread wheat variety Harmonica, Patent for plant variety No 170567 dated 10/05/2017. Yelnikov M.I., Zviahin A.F., Iodkovskyi V.Z., Riabchun N.I., Usova Z.V., Chuhaiev S.V.
  • Bread wheat variety Dyvo, Patent for plant variety No 170545 dated 05/10/2017. Yelnikov M.I., Zviahin A.F., Iodkovskyi V.Z., Riabchun N.I., Usova Z.V., Luchna I.S.
  • Bread wheat variety Krasa Lanivs. Patent for plant variety No 170568 dated 05/10/2017. Yelnikov M.I., Zviahin A.F., Iodkovskyi V.Z., Riabchun N.I., Riabchun V.K., Leonov O.Yu.
  • Bread wheat variety Patriotka. Patent for plant variety No 170569 dated 05/10/2017. Yelnikov M.I., Zviahin A.F., Iodkovskyi V.Z., Riabchun N.I., Suvorova K.Yu., Luchna I.S., Didenko S.Yu.
  • Bread wheat variety Prynada, Patent for plant variety No 180474 dated 06/03/2018. Yelnikov M.I., Zviahin A.F., Luchna I.S., Iodkovskyi V.Z., Riabchun N.I., Suvorova K.Yu., Leonov O.Yu.
  • Bread wheat variety Vyhadka. Patent for plant variety No 190513 dated 09/04/2019. Leonov O.Yu., Luchna I.S., Iodkovskyi V.Z., Riabchun N.I., Suvorova K.Yu., Usova Z.V., Baibak M.I., Didenko S.Yu.
  • Bread wheat variety Korovaina. Patent for plant variety No 190514 dated 09/04/2019. Kirian V.M., Leonov O.Yu., Suvorova K.Yu., Usova Z.V., Matviiets V.H., Vyskub R.S., Luchna I.S., Yarosh A.V., Buriak L.I.
  • Bread wheat variety Haiok, Patent for plant variety No 200267 dated 31/07/2020. Leonov O.Yu., Riabchun N.I., Suvorova K.Yu., Usova Z.V., Iodkovskyi V.Z., Luchna I.S., Ilchenko N.K., Kirian V.M., Vyskub R.S., Kudina I.V.
  • Bread wheat variety Metelytsia Kharkivska. Patent for plant variety No 200266 dated 31/07/2020. Leonov O.Yu., Riabchun N.I., Suvorova K.Yu., Usova Z.V., Iodkovskyi V.Z., Luchna I.S., Didenko S.Yu., Yarosh A.V., Zuza O.O.
  • Riabchun N.I., Reznik A.M., Iodkovskyi V.Z., Yarosh A.V. Diagnostics of condition and viability of winter cereals during relative dormancy: methodical recommendations. Kharkiv, 2020. 26 p.
  • Leonov O.Yu., Usova Z.V., Suvorova K.Yu., Sheliakina T.A. Improved method for determining the carotenoid pigment content in bread wheat grain and flour for breeding studies. Kharkiv, 2020. 15 p.

Proposals for scientific support/cooperation

We sell super elite and elite seeds of the following winter wheat varieties under license agreement: Doskonala, Alians, Rozkishna, Doridna, Statna, Zapashna, Fermerka, Pryvablyva, Pryvitna, Zdobna, Harmonica, Patriotka, Krasa Laniv, Dyvo, Prynada, Vyhadka, Haiok, Metelytsia Kharkivska, and Pronia. We also sell spring bread wheat varieties Barvysta and Uliublena; spring durum wheat varieties Dynastiia, Demira, Ksantiia; spring emmer varieties Holikovska, Romanivska. The staff of the Laboratory provides scientific recommendations, informational and methodological support in winter wheat seed production technologies; monitor overwintering and phytosanitary condition of crops.

Major scientific publications:
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e-mail: (Oleh Yuriiovych Leonov) (Nataliia Ivanivna Riabchun) (Oleh Viktorovych Holik) (Laboratory of Wheat Breeding and Physiology)