National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine

Department of Scientific and Methodological Support and Intellectual Property

History of the unit:

The units have been putting into practice information support, monitoring and prediction since Kharkiv Breeding Station was founded. Since 2000, after the PPI nd.a. V.Ya. Yuriev NAAS got the status and functions of the main institution of the Center for Scientific Support of Agribusiness in the Kharkivska Oblast, a systematic and deep approach to solving methodological problems of the information and marketing support and transfer of innovations in agribusiness has assumed strategic importance. Since 2006, specific scientific and methodological trends and approaches to the implementation of an innovative model of the agribusiness development have been formed.

The Institute’s slogans From traditions to innovations and Our partners are among the leaders clearly reflect the Department’s specifics and research avenues as well as the innovative development strategy of our research institution.

For many years, the Department was headed by Doctor of Agricultural Sciences S.I. Popov and Candidate of Agricultural Sciences V.M. Tymchuk. Since 2018, the Department has been headed by Candidate of Economical Sciences Yehorova N.Yu.

Taking the heads – predecessors’ scientific results, achievements and activity lines as a basis, scientists of our department further develop strategy and tactics of carrying out studies and systemic analytics, monitor innovative lines, and provide methodological support and tools of innovation transfer jointly with major farms - business entities in Ukraine and other countries.

Such fruitful work in the production sphere has resulted in the transfer of the Institute’s breeding and seed innovations, which cover 2.3 million hectares in Ukraine, more than 40 thousand hectares in the EU, 15 thousand hectares in Belarus, 12 thousand hectares in Kazakhstan and 55 thousand hectares in other countries. Due to the implementation of its scientific results in agribusiness, the Institute’s annual economic benefit averages over 2.3 billion UAH per 1 UAH of the government funding of the Institute.

Our scientific institution is the Manufacturer of the Best Domestic Goods (2004-2016), has about 30 breeding innovations, is a winner of the All-Ukrainian competition Best Domestic Goods of the Year, and more than 20 its breeding innovations received diplomas, gold and silver medals of the International Salon of Inventions and New Technologies Novyi Chas (New Time). Many our varieties and hybrids have become brands, ie active transfer objects, which due to their genetic potential compensate for the costs of their creation within 1-2 years.

The scientific library’s beginning at the Institute dates back to 1909. For many years and currently, the Sector of Scientific and Technical Support for Library Research has been headed by Candidate of Historical Sciences Ozherelieva V.M. Thanks to the Library staff of different generations and their fruitful contributions, as of 01/01/2020, the Library fund contains 58,317 items, which is the national asset of our institution. The book fund is represented by books and brochures, materials on agriculture, socio-political literature, reference books and encyclopedias, manuscripts, periodicals and information/bibliographic publications. Among them, there are publications in the Old Slavonic language published in different periods (since 1883), foreign dictionaries by such world-famous compilers as:Rode, Mikhailov, Mynovych, Redkin, Hanshyn, Siniahin and other scholars. The literature on the history of domestic research as well as publications of prominent scientists of many generations and eras are of value.

Every year, the Library’ primary objectives are the skillful organization of reader service, clear recognition of readers’ requests and needs, use of different means and forms of individual and mass promotion of the literature kept in the Library of the Institute.

Employees of the unit:
  • Head of the Department
    Head of the Department

    YEHOROVA NATALIIA YURIIVNA, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Senior Researcher

  • Staff of the department
    Staff of the department

Areas of work:

Specialists of the Department perform the following research programs:

Research program "Development and Optimization of Methodological Approaches and Mechanisms for Implementing Technological Innovations in Plant Production"

When analyzing the quantitative and qualitative composition of top-to-bottom breeding and technological innovations in plant production, we are planning to optimize the parameters and components of the transfer of top-to-bottom breeding and technological innovations in plant production. Specialists are developing innovation and investment projects for the transfer of top-to-bottom breeding and technological innovations in plant production.

Based on monitoring and analysis of the studied material, methodical recommendations on the transfer of top-to-bottom breeding and technological innovations in plant production are justified and published.

Some lines of the strategy and tactics of scientific research are being developed; in-process and systemic analytics is being conducted; innovative trends are being monitored; methodological support, innovation transfer tools and scientific marketing of the agribusiness in the Kharkivska Oblast are being developed.

Research program "To Develop Scientific and Methodical Basics of the Transfer of Breeding and Technological Innovations in Agribusiness of the Kharkivska Oblast"

A patent search conducted by specialists of the Institute helped to substantiate the methodological tools for the introduction of breeding innovations in production, because breeding innovations must be adapted to the current production conditions and ensure the highest economic benefits. The specialists of the Department have justified the system of scientific support, assistance and advisory, which should have an innovative (competitive) level.

Research program "To Develop a Model of Interregional Cooperation for the Implementation of Innovations on the Basis of the Eastern Interregional Research Center of NAAS"

The creation of innovative varieties and hybrids of field crops requires compliance with organizational requirements of production and adaptation to the current market conditions. Scientists of the Department are planning to develop a project within the comprehensive strategy of innovation-investment development of the Eastern Interregional Research Center of NAAS for the period up to 2025. The level and experience of the PPI nd.a. V.Ya. Yuriev NAAS as an originator of modern varieties and hybrids of agricultural crops are being studied. Specialists of the Department are monitoring the regional seed market, analyzing the database of varieties and hybrids bred by the Institute. The results on the above issues will be presented in an innovation-investment project and guidelines.

Research program "To Develop Scientific - Methodical Basics for the Formation of Information - Bibliographic Databases to Use them in Plant Production Investigations"

Scientists and specialists of the Sector of Scientific and Technical Support for Library Research are performing the functions of information and library support of scientific assistance for the Institute’s staff and specialists in agricultural production. The research processes in the research units of the Plant Production Institute named after V.Ya. Yuriev of NAAS and their outstanding scientists’ activities throughout their existence are being holistically analyzed in historical and scientific aspects, which more effectively and fully brings practical results to consumers in the industry information market. The scientific orientation of the Sector's studies is related to the development of approaches to monitoring the historical development of research in Ukraine.

The specialists’ scientific results of the Department and Sector are published in the Bulletins (Visnyk) of research institutions and higher educational establishments, result in methodical recommendations, etc. There is a fruitful cooperation between scientists and specialists of the Department of Agro-Industrial Development of Kharkiv Regional State Administration, as a result of which innovation- investment projects are developed, in-process analysis is performed, IPR objects of the PPI nd.a. V.Ya. Yuriev NAAS are coordinated and monitored.

Innovation transfer, IPR analytics and breeding and seed lines in the formation of specialized databases of IPR promotion in the seed and grain market are effectively supported at high quality standards on a regular basis. Based on the constant and timely monitoring of the market environment, studies are carried out in order to predict the volume of promotion of breeding innovations in the seed market of Ukraine.

Work with the institutions of the Center for Scientific Support of the Agribusiness in the Kharkivska Oblast is constantly coordinated to obtain significant results within research program 44. Rating assessments and questionnaires for producers in the Kharkivska Oblast are drawn up and processed.

Collecting and processing of initial dynamic information on the current activities of research institutions and experimental farms included in the Institute’s network, specialists of the Department and the Sector draw up time-sensitive reports in compliance with the forms established by NAAS of Ukraine. They timely build up specialized databases, monitoring the mature regional seed market.


Basic scientific developments:

The researchers’ work in our department and sector is based on the overall strategic statements. Annually, the team conducts information and analytical analyses of plant and technological innovations and the effectiveness of transfer information channels for consumers.

The scientific results are reflected in scientific reports, articles, methodical recommendations, working models, abstracts of scientific conferences, proposals, etc.

The results of fruitful cooperation of our scientists with producers of the regional seed market are as follows:

- Annual scientific consulting, information support of scientific achievements in the market, both on the experimental farms of the network of the PPI nd.a. V.Ya. Yuriev NAAS and in other seed production enterprises;

- To apply scientific and methodological tools for testing breeding and seed innovations, specialists of the Department develop innovative projects, methodological recommendations, which are willingly used by producers of the Kharkivska and other Oblasts of Ukraine;

- The staff has developed and justified an analytical database of experimental production and consulting support for the transfer of innovative technologies, breeding innovations in agrarian production (currently, this database includes 136 varieties and hybrids of agricultural crops);

- As a result of studies, innovation transfer trends have been outlined and rationalized, with deeper adaptation to the current production conditions;

- A lot of scientific and practical materials on the implementation of programs to increase plant production through modernization and resource provision are presented in the Bulletins (Visnyk) of research institutions, higher school and abstracts of scientific conferences;

- By monitoring and analyzing the leading transfer objects in the plant production of the regions of Ukraine, the team of scientists have studied and justified the existing innovative system of IPR originators, investigated the zonal specialization of domestic seed production;

- Every year, due to the skillful organization of work of scientists of the Sector of Scientific and Technical Support, the service of readers is improved, readers' inquiries and needs are clearly defined and taken into account, different means and forms of individual and mass propaganda of the literature kept in the Library of the Institute are used.

Major scientific publications:
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Contacts of the department:

моб.тел: +38(097)980-38-27