National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine

Kobyzieva Liubov Nykyforivna

Scientist in the field of breeding and genetic resources of field crops, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, NAAS Corresponding Member (2020)

She was born on September 23, 1958 in the village of Mylivka, Khislavichi district, Smolensk region.

In 1978, she graduated from Konstiantynivka Agricultural College in the specialty "Agronomist-Fruit and Vegetable grower"; in 1983, she graduated from Kharkiv Agricultural Institute named after V.V. Dokuchaev in the specialty "scientist-agronomist".

She has been working at the Plant Production Institute named after V.Ya. Yuriev of NAAS since 1983: senior laboratory assistant of the Laboratory of Development and Seed Productivity (1983), postgraduate study (1983-1986), junior researcher (1986-1989) and researcher (1989-1991) of the Laboratory of Development and Seed Productivity, senior researcher of the Laboratory of Development of Grain Legume Breeding Methods (1991-1993), senior researcher of the Laboratory of Plant Resources of Grain Legumes (1993-1995), head of the Laboratory of Genetic Resources of Grain Legumes, Groats and Oil Crops (1995-2004), Academic Secretary of the Institute (2004-2012), Deputy Director for Research (2012-2020), Director of the Institute (since 2020).

In 1988, she defended the thesis for the degree of Candidate of Agricultural Sciences in specialty 06.01.05 “Breeding and Seed Production” on the topic "Determination of Photoperiodic Responses in Soybean and Millet Varieties and Hybrids " at the Ukrainian Research Institute of Plant Production, Breeding and Genetics named after V.Ya. Yuriev (now Plant Production Institute named after V.Ya. Yuriev of NAAS). In 2011, she defended the thesis for the degree of Doctor of Agricultural Sciences in specialty 06.01.05 “Breeding and Seed Production” on the topic" Theoretical Principles of the Formation of a Bank of Genetic Resources of Grain Legumes of Ukraine and Areas of its Use "at the State Institution" Institute of Grain Crops of NAAS." She was awarded the title of senior researcher in 1993 in the specialty "Breeding and seed production".

She was elected a NAAS Corresponding Member in 2020 (Department of Plant Production).

Kobyzieva’s scientific activities are focused on forming a bank of plant genetic resources of Ukraine. The methodology of compiling databases for different types of collections, identification of sources of valuable economic features and their effective use in breeding and educational programs has been developed. The founded genetic bank of grain legumes of Ukraine is a component of the national asset - the Bank for Plant Genetic Resources (Resolutions 527 [dated 1/04/1999] and 472-r [dated 19 August 2002] of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine). A passport database of grain legumes with complete information about collection specimens, meeting the EURISCO requirements, which is the only publicly accessible document in the Internet, has been built up. Five collections of the Gene Bank of Ukraine, including 4 legume collections (pea, soybean, bean and chickpea) and 1 groats (millet) collection, which are considered by FAO as the most important and largest in the world in terms of amounts and diversity, have been formed.

Due to the selected and introduced into the breeding practice valuable starting material of soybean, pea and bean, L.N. Kobyzieva has bred 20 varieties of grain legumes, including 7 soybean varieties (authorship), 11 pea varieties (participation) and 2 bean varieties (authorship), which are suitable for mechanized cultivation, have a set of valuable economic features, have been introduced into agricultural production and are grown at agricultural enterprises of different forms of ownership, both in the Kharkivska Oblast and in other oblasts of Ukraine.

L.N. Kobyzieva coordinates the performance of priority studies of the Institute, justifies the prospects and activities of research units, formulates the personnel policy of the Institute, actively implements the Institute’s innovations in the agrarian sector of Ukraine, which ensures the existing powerful special fund of the Institution aimed at social guarantees for employees, development of material and technical base of the Institute.