National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine

Academic Council

In order to consider and review the main issues of scientific, technical, production and organizational activities of the Plant Production Institute named after V.Ya. Yuriev of NAAS, the Academic Council was established as an advisory body of the administration.

The Chairman of the Council is Head of the Department of Novel Breeding and Seed Technologies and Variety Investigations, Academician, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine – Kyrychenko Viktor Vasyliovych

Deputy Chairman - Director of the Plant Production Institute named after V.Ya. Yuriev, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Senior Researcher - Kobyzieva Liubov Nykyforivna

The Secretary of the Council is Academic Secretary of the Institute – Shabetia Oksana Mykolaivna


The primary objectives the Academic Council are as follows:

1. Joining the efforts of the Institute’s staff to ensure the research plan performance, to increase the efficiency of studies and transfer of innovations in agriculture, to improve the organization of labor and management as well as of scientific, technical, economic and production activities.

2. Discussion of major lines of the Institute’s scientific activities, exploratory and fundamental studies in accordance with the corresponding lines.

3. Consideration of predictions and proposals in the top priority areas of science and technology as well as of long-term studies.

4. Discussion of draft plans of research prokects, programs and methods of scientific research

5. Consideration of achievements of domestic and foreign science as well as of proposals for their practical use.

6. Consideration of coordination issues of research projects and efficiency issues of international research cooperation.

7. Discussion of experimental results, methodical levels of research/scientific and technical/scientific works.

8. Consideration and approval of reports of research laboratories, researchers, post-graduate students and degree seeking applicants, reports on results of scientific and organizational activities of the Institute.

9. Consideration of plans for production inspection of completed research projects, evaluation of their economic efficiency as well as of proposals for their use in agriculture.

10. Consideration of issues related to changes in the Institute’s structure as well as to the total costs and salary fund for research established for the Institute:

- Discussion of proposals for improving the material/technical and research/production bases of the Institute;

- Review of reports on the most important in-country and foreign business trips;

- Submission of outstanding scientific publications, scientific discoveries and inventions for the State Prizes and custom-engraved prizes in honor of outstanding scientists of Ukraine;

- Consideration of draft annual and long-term plans for training and advanced training of research personnel, plan of work with young scientists and specialists;

- Review of reports of thesis advisors on their training of research personnel, consideration of thesis topics of post-graduate students and their personal curricula, competence assessment of post-graduate students, additional programs of the candidate exam in specialty;

- Approval of the thesis topics of degree seeking applicants and proposals of thesis items;

- Preparation of proposals of research leaves to the Institute’s administration to complete a doctoral or candidate's thesis and review of the use of research leaves;

- Preparation of submissions on conferring the academic title of professor and senior researcher to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine through the established procedure;

- Election on a competitive basis of persons to fill vacant positions of heads of research laboratories, senior researchers, researchers and junior researchers through the established procedure;

- Consideration of the Institute’s employee performance appraisal results.