National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine

Spring Barley

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  • Modern

    A semi-intensive drought-resistant awnless grain cultivar

  • Ahrarii

    A semi-intensive highly adapta-ble grain cultivar

  • Podyv

    An intensive grain cultivar with large grains

  • Avhur

    An intensive brewing cultivar with high environmental plasticity

  • Shedevr

    An intensive high-yielding multi-row cultivar

  • Hrin

    An intensive grain cultivar with large grains

  • Troian

    An intensive drought-resistant grain cultivar

Spring barley plays an important role in the grain balance of Ukraine, as it is a multi-purpose crop. Barley grain is indispensable as a raw material for brewing industry and feed production. However, needs for barley grain far exceed its production, therefore, specific attention is paid to the creation of new cultivars of this crop, which can provide a 30-35% increase in the gross grain output.

Foreign spring barley cultivars, which are included in the State Register of Plant Varieties Suitable for Dissemination in Ukraine, are usually not adapted to local soil and climatic conditions, hence, their yields and grain quality are unstable from year to year.

Spring barley cultivars bred at the Plant Production Institute named after V.Ya. Yuriev NAAS have high yield potentials (up to 10.0 t / ha). Due to high environmental plasticity and resistance to common diseases, our cultivars will ensure a stable profit to producers under any growing conditions.

Among the innovations in the spring barley breeding at the Plant Production Institute named after V.Ya. Yuriev of NAAS, the following cultivars should be particularized: Modern as the first Ukrainian awnless cultivar that is extremely drought-resistant, which is very valuable under climatic changes; Avhur as a brewing cultivar with very high environmental stability and extremely high yield potential due to a high productive tillering capacity; Shedevr as a multi-row highly intensive cultivar with amylopectin-type starch, suitable for food production, especially for dietary and baby foods.