National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine

Dostatok Kharkivskyi

Spring triticale Triticosecale Witt
A new food cultivar. High yield potential. Increased drought resistance and lodging resistance

Originator – Plant Production Institute named after V.Ya. Yuriev of NAAS.

Dostatok Kharkivskyi was included in the State Register of Plant Varieties Suitable for Dissemination in Ukraine in 2020 for growing in the Steppe, Forest-Steppe and Woodlands.

Variety – erythrospermum.

Mid-ripening. The vegetation period is 89-94 days. Mid-tall. The plant height is 105-110 cm. Increased lodging resistance (9 points), shedding resistance (9 points), resistance to in-spike germination (9 points).

Cold-tolerant. The drought resistance score is 8.

Resistant to major leaf diseases.

The potential yield is 9 t/ha. The average yield is 4.81 t/ha with year-to-year fluctuations of 4.29-5.49 t/ha. The haulm stand is even and dense.

Caryopses are light-brown, smooth, large (the 1000-grain weight is 42.0-46.0 g.). The test weight is increased (725-750 g/L). The vitreousness is 32%. The protein content in grain is 11.21%. The starch content is 63.03%.

The crude gluten content in flour is 18%. The loaf volume from 100 g of flour is 420 mL.

The total bread-making score is 8-9.

In the south of Ukraine, it can be sown in "February windows".

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