National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine


Winter triticale Triticosecale Witt
A feed/forage/technical cultivar

Originator – Plant Production Institute named after VYa Yuriev of NAAS.

Registration year – 2020.

Recommended for growing in the forest-steppe and woodlands.

Variety – lutescens.

Mid-ripening. The plant height is 140-170 cm. The lodging resistance score is 8.

The winter hardiness score is 9.

This cultivar is highly resistant to drought, brown, yellow and stem rusts, head smut, and powdery mildew. It is little affected by root rot and brown foot rot (8-9 points).

Grains are well-filled, oval-elongated. The 1000-grain weight is 42-45 g.

The potential yield of grain is over 9.0 t/ha; the potential yield of green mass is 60 t/ha. The grain and green mass qualities are high. The protein content in grain is 13.5%. The starch content is 68%. The alcohol output is 460 L/t of extraction cake.

This cultivar is tolerant to bad predecessors as well as to sandy-loam and peat soils. The seeding rate is 3.5 million seeds per 1 hectare and 4.5-5.5 million germinable seeds per 1 hectare when sown for green feed and grain, respectively.

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