National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine


Soybean Glycine max (L.) Merrill
A grain cultivar with increased drought resistance

Originator - Plant Production Institute named after V.Ya. Yuriev of NAAS.

Kobza was included in the State Register of Plant Varieties Suitable for Dissemination in Ukraine in 2015. Recommended zones of cultivation: Woodlans and Steppe.

Variety - macrocarpa.

The pubescence of plants is yellow-brown; flowers are violet; seeds are oval-spherical, yellow, with light-brown raphes. The 1000-seed weight is 120–180 g.

The cultivar is early-ripening; the growing period is 94–98 days.

The plant height is 80–100 cm; the lower pod attachment height is 15 cm.

Lodging resistance and shedding resistance are high. Drought resistance is increased. Resistance to diseases is high.

The average protein content is 39.3%; the average oil content is 20.4%.

The potential yield amounts to 5 t/ha. The maximum yield from this cultivar was as follows: 2.70 t/ha in the Woodlands (Horodenka State Variety Station [Ivano-Frankivska Oblast, 2014); 3.45 t/ha in the Forest-Steppe (Kelmentsi State Variety Station [Chernivetska Oblast], 2014), and 2.34 t/ha in the Steppe (Kiliya State Variety Station [Odeska Oblast], 2014).

The cultivation technology is conventional for the growing zone.

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