National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine

Kharkivska 39

Spring durum wheat Triticum durum Desf
An early-season cultivar with high grain vitreousness and high drought resistance

Originator – Plant Production Institute named after V.Ya. Yuriev of NAAS. Registration year – 2002.

Recommended for growing in the in the Steppe.

Variety – hordeiforme

The vegetation period is 80-95 days.

The plant height is 80-110 cm. Lodging resistance is medium. Spikes are easily threshed.

This cultivar is superior to the check cultivar in terms of resistance to loose smut and brown rust.

Highly adaptable with high drought resistance.

The potential yield is 5.8 t/ha. The yield in the competitive trial was 4.1 t/ha (+0.55 t/ha to the check cultivar). In 2019 at the agricultural LLC Peremoha (Kyivska Oblast, Fastivskyi Raion), the maximum yield was achieved – 5.2 t/ha.

The gluten content is 33-37%. The protein content is 14.0-17.2%. Grain vitreousness is increased, making Kharkivska 39 indispensable for grit production.

The seeding rate is 5 million germinable seeds per 1 hectare. The cultivar does not tiller; hence, adherence to the optimal seeding rate is a pre-requisite for the optimal density of productive stems. Seeds should be treated with fungicide and insecticide prior to sowing.

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