National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine


Winter bread wheat Triticum aestivum L.
A mid ripening, mid-tall, lodging resistant cultivar, with increased winter hardiness. In the field, it is tolerant of major diseases.

Rozkishna was included in the State Register of Plant Varieties Suitable for Dissemination in Ukraine in 2009 for growing in the Forest-Steppe of Ukraine.

Variety - erythrospermum.

This cultivar is mid-ripening, mid-tall, lodging resistant.

Winter hardiness is high (7 points).

In the field, it is tolerant of major diseases. The grain quality is excellent.

The potential yield is 12.0 t/ha. The 1000-grain weight is 41.0 g. In 2020 in the competitive variety trial at the PPI named after VYa Yuriev the average yield was 7.25 t/ha, in the experiments of the Laboratory of Plant Production and Variety Investigations it was 6.99 t/ha, in the demonstration fields of the Institute of Agriculture of the Northeast of NAAS it was 9.88 t/ha, at the Educational-Scientific-Practical Center of Mykolayiv NAU it was 7.74 t/ha, at the SE Experimental farm Ahrarne it was 5.68 t/ha, at the LLC Alkon – Servis (Dnipropetrovska Oblast) 7.5 t/ha was received.

This cultivar is universal, undemanding to growing conditions and suitable for growing after different forecrops both by conventional and by intensive technologies.

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