National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine

Common bean

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  • Otrada

    A grain cultivar, suitable for mechanized harvesting

Common bean is a grain legume that is especially valued by the population of our country. Both ripe and unripe seeds as well as green beans, both fresh and canned ones, are used for food. The nutritional value is attributed to increased protein content in seeds (20-34%), which is close to animal protein by composition, and ≥75% of this protein, depending on the cooking method, is absorbed by the body. Common bean proteins contain essential amino acids that the human body needs: tryptophan, lysine, methionine, cystine and others.

Common bean is a high-calorie crop, rich in nitrogen-free extractable substances (45-55%), vitamins; in particular, green beans are rich in vitamin C (15-30 mg/100 g). In addition, green beans contain up to 15% of protein, 3-4% of sugars and only 2-3% of fiber. Beans are also rich in iron and calcium salts.

Common bean cultivars bred at the Plant Production Institute named after V.Ya. Yuriev of NAAS are highly drought-resistant and resistant to bacterial wilt, which is very important today.