National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine

Kharkivskyi 329 MV

Corn Zea mays L.
An intensive, high-yielding hybrid. Rapid initial growth. Resistance to stressors

Originator - Plant Production Institute named after V.Ya. Yuriev of NAAS.

Included in the Register of Ukraine - 2003.

Recommended zones of cultivation: Forest-Steppe.

Variety - ssp. semindentata.

The plant height is 290-300 cm. The cob attachment height is 95-100 cm. The leaf number per plant is 17-18. The cob length is 26-29 cm. The number of grain rows is 16. The grain output is 83-85%. The cob rhachis is red. The 1000-seed weight is 300-310 g.

Ripeness group – mid-ripening FAO 320. The "seedlings-full maturity" period is 116-118 days. The initial growth is rapid. Cold tolerance is high. Drought resistance is high. Resistance to loose smut is high. Resistance to boil smut is high. Resistance to stem rot is high. Resistance to corn borer is high.

The potential grain yield is 13.0-13.5 t/ha. The recommended harvest density: 60,000-65,000 plants/ha in the Forest-Steppe. The harvest water content is 20-25%. The potential yield of silage is 60.0-62.0 t/ha. The protein content in grain is 10.2-10.4%. The starch content is 74%.

Seed production peculiarities. The seed production of this hybrid is based on M-type sterility according to the complete restoration algorithm, without removing panicles. The optimal sowing arrangement for parents in hybridization plots is 12:4 or 6:2. Hybridization plots require intensive farming, weed control and nutrition.

When grown by intensive farming techniques, the seed yield amounts to 4.0-4.5 t/ha.

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